About Innovatemap — 11.28.2023

Our Unique Formula to Inspire Innovation

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

Innovatemap Team Members laugh and enjoy Science Fair projects and presentations.

At Innovatemap, we’re known for embracing innovation every day. But there’s one event in our calendar that particularly stands out each year — Science Fair. 

This unique event, deeply embedded in our culture, is where creativity meets practicality, transforming abstract ideas into tactical solutions.

If you’ve worked with us for any extended period, you’ve probably heard us mention the long-standing tradition. But if you’re new here, no, we’re not breaking out test tubes and Bunsen burners. Rather, we’re celebrating innovation within our team. Twice a year, we host Science Fair as a testament to our commitment to evolving internal systems and processes to better serve our clients and teammates.

Highlights from this Fall’s Science Fair

This fall, we turned the jukebox back a few decades with a 1950’s Diner-themed day. Think milkshakes, burgers and those iconic checkered placemats. And yes, Mike snagged the best costume award – not once, but twice (more on that later).

Mike getting in the 1950s spirit.

Embracing the retro decor in the HQ, we switched gears to the main event: our innovative projects.

The spectrum of projects varies, but each can be defined as having an impact on business functions or creating a cultural moment for the team. 

A few projects sparked excitement across the team, like:

  • Enhancing Internal Enablement:  Like we often do for our clients, we evaluated our current sales and marketing materials. Our product marketing team partnered with the growth team to discover missing pieces to improve our sales decks and marketing one-sheeters.
  • Revolutionizing Video Production: The synergy between Yhareli’s motion video expertise and Kate’s product management acumen led to a new, more effective video production process. This collaboration has equipped us with a practical tool to assist clients in crafting new videos.
  • Embracing our Inner Zen: Combining mindfulness and exercise, Maria and Izsadora launched the Innovatemap Yoga Club to explore how these practices can help us be better to ourselves and to our teammates.
  • Being Good to the Town: Our Community Team kicked off a month-long donation drive, highlighting our dedication to the community and reinforcing our ongoing mission to be a force for good in the communities we serve.
  • Sparking Friendly Competition: The day concluded with our inaugural Taskmaster-themed Premier League Championship. Led by our own Ted Lasso, along with assistant coaches Kate, Tressa and Katie we formed teams for some quirky challenges: crafting toilet paper snakes, racing to unravel packing tape and a hilarious ‘best liar’ contest. The day ended with lots of laughter and friendly competition, leading us down the Monon to enjoy a team happy hour at Fire by the Monon.
Mike Reynolds dressed up as Ted Lasso as part of Innovatemap's Science Fair fun.
Mike takes his role as Ted Lasso very seriously.

Not Just Another Day at the Office

Science Fair is more than just another internal event. It’s a day that rejuvenates our spirit for innovation. It’s a day where we can share new ideas, collaborate closely and build stronger bonds with our teammates.

The results of the projects not only propel the business forward but also lead us to produce work beyond our own individual imaginations. At Innovatemap, we’re always iterating and evolving to stay ahead of the game. And Science Fair is a brilliant showcase of our relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Every Science Fair is better than the one before it,” said Lacey. “It’s absolutely one of my favorite days of the year. Gathering our entire team and dedicating our time to bettering ourselves, showcasing creativity and cross-team collaboration, pushing the envelope on innovation, and laughing — a lot!”

We’re already gearing up for our Spring Science Fair. Stay tuned for what we cook up next!