Kate Harrison

Senior Product Manager

Kate Harrison is focused on creating the best experience for end users so that products can go from ordinary to life-changing. She believes obstacles to great products should be broken down by what product managers excel at: empathy and creative problem-solving.

Kate brings extensive experience in product management from her time at iconic Indianapolis tech company Angie’s List, where she managed the organization’s native mobile apps for six years. Today, she brings her love for gathering the facts and synthesizing different perspectives to Innovatemap clients, helping them cut through assumptions to find what really matters to a successful product. In all projects, she strives to cultivate a careful balance between business stakeholders, engineers, and users.

Two of Kate’s favorite hobbies are cross-stitching and enjoying time with her pet parrot, Pocket and her English Bulldog, Eddie. She faithfully attends Shrekfest every year and is always up for a night of bar trivia.

Selected Work