Tressa Janes

Brand Designer

Tressa Janes builds brands that prioritize what makes your product great. She works at the deepest creative level with our clients and with Innovatemap’s product marketing team to uncover what experience your product brings to your audience before capturing it in visuals tailored to your best qualities.

Candid creative feedback is essential to good brands. It’s why Tressa embraces our “brandstorming” process when collaborating with fellow designers and why she believes everyone is creative at the core. With Tressa, every idea is considered an insightful, and necessary, part of a brand’s development. She embraces the questions needed to architect amazing brands for new companies like Base while bringing originality to rebrands for clients like Doodle.

Tressa’s favorite way to spend her free time is to pick up a hobby for a month, get skilled at it, and then let it go for the next opportunity. She loves to bake, occasionally longboard, take pictures, and simply wander on new roads.

Selected Work