Our Story

Innovatemap was founded in 2014 to fill the ever-widening gap between digital product development and user experience. Era-defining products like the smartphone changed the relationship between people and technology, and the bar for customer expectations and innovative digital solutions has never been higher.

What began as a small group of experienced product professionals has blossomed into a multidisciplinary team of diverse thinkers, imaginative creators, and industry leaders. We’re among the country’s fastest-growing companies, and we work with clients so that they can be, too.

What We Do

We breathe life into big ideas and small ones, solving the toughest problems in every industry. After immersing ourselves in your world, we highlight what’s working and what isn’t, then collaborate to find the right solution.

We’re not a box-checking vendor—we ask hard questions and deliver tough answers because we want you to succeed.

Our Philosophy

Outstanding digital products are marketable, valuable, and usable – they’re easy to sell, easy to love, and easy to use.

The hard part is getting each variable precisely tuned so you have your best chance at success, and that’s where we put our talents to work.

We give your business an identify, a voice, and a mission, and help you create practical solutions for your customers’ most pressing challenges.

How We Work

We work in an agile fashion so we can be responsive and flexible to your evolving needs. Statements of work and change requests be damned.

Whether you’re bringing your idea to life for the very first time, or trying to tell the world about what you’ve built, our process goes like this:

Discover: We immerse ourselves in your business and vertical to become overnight experts.

Learn: We research the competition, talk to users, and interview your team to understand the problems before we solve them.

Propose: We analyze our findings to identify opportunities for improvement, growth, and innovation.

Plan: We design a custom roadmap and plan-of-attack for helping you meet your objectives on time.

Execute: We sharpen our pencils and get to work, all while collaborating with you to exceed your expectations.