Our Story

Bringing great products to market and good ideas to life takes guts, a talented team, and sometimes a little bit of help.

After more than 20 years as a software product leader, Mike Reynolds identified a unique need in the market. With the expertise, passion, and solution in mind, he launched Innovatemap in March of 2014. Today, Innovatemap continues to scale its team, business, and impact on the community. We are at the forefront of innovation, delivering creative tech services for high-growth tech and enterprise companies.

What We Do

Our creative services work is not transactional — it transforms new companies and exponentially impacts product and revenue.

Our Philosophy

A better product is one that’s marketable, valuable, and usable – buyers want it, it solves problems, and users adopt it. Read more about the value of a digital product agency here.

How We Work

Whether you’re bringing your idea to life for the very first time or trying to tell the world about what you’ve built, we work in an agile fashion so we can be responsive and flexible to your evolving needs. Curious what it’s like to work with us? Contact us today.