Chelsea Douglass

Director of Marketing

Chelsea is a marketer following a simple philosophy: do the small stuff right, and the big stuff will come. It’s this idea that drives her as she leads events and promotion to amplify Innovatemap’s presence.

From her time as a cheerleader, Chelsea knows the power of hype and is always excited about rallying her team. She brought this perspective, and an eye for organization that would make Marie Kondo proud, to her numerous experiences in event planning for Ball State University athletics and the Indianapolis Colts. No matter where she is, Chelsea is a doer who thrives on action and collaboration.

In her free time, Chelsea loves exploring cities from its bar stools and patios; that is, of course, if she can’t find her next hotdog stand in a mission to try every kind of street meat. She’s right at home in Broad Ripple, a neighborhood she loves “almost as much as David Letterman once did.”