Yhareli Chamboneth

Senior Motion Designer

Yhareli Chamboneth, pronounced “’J’a-reli,” makes things move. As a Motion Designer, Yhareli specializes in 2D, animation and motion graphics. With a focus on both pixels and people, Yhareli uses animation to explain a product’s value and elevate the brand’s visual identity.

Yhareli began her career as a product designer creating concept designs and user-friendly experiences. When she began making animated videos, Yhareli found her love for storytelling through movement and transitioned into motion design.

From Yhareli, you can expect a positive attitude, openness to feedback and collaboration, and an end product that is innovative and enjoyable. Animated and engaging storylines get Yhareli excited. By adding motion to static visuals such as product screens, logos, or diagrams, Yhareli can create a more delightful product for your business.

Born in Panama, Yhareli enjoys reading, visiting museums, and staying active through kickboxing.

As Innovatemap grows, Yhareli plans to continue collaborating with designers in other disciplines, integrating motion design with client deliverables, and creating high-end brand and product films.

Selected Work