Product Management

For your product to be valuable, it needs to solve real problems for real people.

Product management uncovers user needs, identifies the best way to solve user problems, and prioritizes the right features and functionalities.

Why You Need Product Management

Even the most likeable product design will be wasted on a product with the wrong features and functionalities. To be truly valuable, your product must improve the day-to-day needs of a user so much they feel they can’t live without it.

That’s where product managers come in.

Our Product Management Approach

Our team of product managers embody a rare mix of product, industry, research, design and subject-matter expertise. They are responsible for Product Roadmap, MVP Definition, User Personas, User Research and more.

From idea to launch, we connect overarching goals between the business, design and technical teams. We supply each team with the necessary knowledge, tools and feedback to champion the user while maintaining alignment to business goals. We understand the product inside and out, ensuring you’re building the right solution for the right problem and the right user.

We lead you in collaborative workshops and working sessions to get the information we need to be the best product partner. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, so we align on outcomes and review deliverables along the way.

See Examples In Our Work

Our Product Management Offerings

Product Roadmap

A strategic, forward-looking summary document that visually maps out what will be built in your product over a span of time.

MVP Definition

Identifying the feature set that will get you started on the right foot.

User Personas

Profiles for the typical users of a product or feature that focus prioritization of features, identify requirements and inspire copy and messaging.

Roadmap Planning

A workshop or set of activities that establish strategic or tactical priorities for a product over a period of time.

User Research

Conversations with users to identify unmet needs, wants and goals that will inform the best user experience.

Market Research

Establish what is happening in the market, including trends, competition, and adjacent and analogous industries.