Lacey Lavies

Executive Partner, Product Strategy & Client Experience

Lacey Lavies is a founding member of Innovatemap focused on getting the right answers to the right questions so we can bring our clients’ product visions to life. She’s a vision catcher and translator who believes great product outcomes happen when the journey is thoughtful, collaborative, focused, and balanced with a good dose of lightheartedness and laughter.

With over a decade of product strategy and product management experience, Lacey knows what it takes to set the right boundaries for products without constricting their future growth. Her experience across clients, verticals, and levels of product maturity brings a wise and grounded perspective to help stakeholders connect dots and make effective decisions in bringing their visions to life. Internally, Lacey is passionate about and committed to the professional growth of our all-star team. She champions an environment where our creativity can thrive through fostering meaningful work, strong mentorship, and offering intentional development opportunities.

Lacey’s free time is rooted in the simple things: making memories with her husband and kids, hanging with friends, or floating at the pool.

Selected Work