Product Marketing

Winning market share takes more than features and functionality. You can build the most valuable and usable product in the world. But if your target buyer doesn’t understand what it does, why they should use it, or who it’s for, then it’s useless.

Why You Need Product Marketing

Potential buyers must clearly understand the value you provide for a transaction to happen. Product marketing connects the dots between what you offer and why a buyer should care.

The right product marketing strategy serves as the foundation for all your marketing communications, making it easy and efficient to deliver messaging that converts consistently across channels.

Problems we solve

  • We aren’t attracting the right buyers.
  • People don’t understand who we are or what we do.
  • We need to pivot to a new market.
  • The way we talk about our products and offerings confuses prospects.

Outcomes you’ll reach

  • We consistently attract high-quality buyers.
  • Buyers understand what we do and why we’re different.
  • We feel confident tackling a new market.
  • Our product, marketing and sales teams are enabled.

Our Product Marketing Approach

Our team of product marketers embody a rare mix of marketing, sales, communications, product and subject-matter expertise. We help you set a strategic foundation through Positioning, Brand Strategy, Product Hierarchy, Packaging, and more.

We act as the translator between product, marketing and sales teams, giving each team the knowledge, tools and feedback necessary to deliver your product to market. We work to understand your product inside and out, translating features and functionalities into benefits that customers want and understand.

We lead you in collaborative workshops and working sessions to be the best product partner. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, so we align on strategy and outcomes, and review deliverables along the way.

See Examples In Our Work

Our Product Marketing Offerings

Positioning Framework

A consistent, repeatable, and differentiated way to talk about your business and the value you provide to target buyers.

Marketing and Sales Enablement

Apply clear messaging and design to high-priority marketing and sales materials that scale your team.

Offering / Product Hierarchy

A logical, organized and catalogued model of your product and services that equips sales teams to explain your value to potential buyers.

Buyer Persona Research

Identify your ideal buyer characteristics, goals, challenges, needs and values through a combination of primary and secondary research to better serve their needs.

Packaging Framework

Create a logical, thoughtful and value-based packaging structure to eliminate friction in the buying process.

Messaging Framework

Establish the external-facing messages used to communicate the key benefits of your product(s) and offering(s) in sales, marketing or other external channels.