About Innovatemap — 05.29.2024

Grab a Seat at Our Village Table

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

An Innovatemap team member sits at the table laughing with a teammate.

Picture your favorite community gathering spot—the proverbial watering hole—where people come together to connect, learn and laugh. For Innovatemap, our “watering hole” is the Village Table. It’s far more than a piece of furniture; it’s the central nervous system of our Broad Ripple HQ.

When we moved into our headquarters in 2017, CEO and Founder Mike Reynolds crafted a space optimized for collaboration. There are no corner offices or cubicles. The natural light pours in from every angle. There’s a whiteboard ready for brainstorming in every meeting room. And the rooftop is always ready for happy hour.

But the Village Table is one of the most integral pieces of our collaborative culture.

Gifted by Jeff Sinden and our friends at Indy Racing Experience, this table has stood the test of time. It’s where we eat lunch, solve crossword puzzles and share weekend plans. It’s also a sounding board for ideas, feedback and problem solving outside the constraints of a calendar invite.

How can an inanimate object make such a big impact on our day-to-day? Simple. It’s brought to life by the people who gather around it.

We asked our team to share their favorite things about the Village Table.

Here’s what they had to say:

  • Lacey looks forward to starting each day at the table: It’s the first place we gather over a warm cup of coffee. Or cold brew, depending on your preference.
  • Katie is eager to hear weekend recaps: Sharing our weekend adventures builds camaraderie and helps us decide which new restaurants to try.
  • Izzy enjoys the thought nuggets: Tiny sparks of brilliance emerge from casual conversations that wouldn’t happen if we were all seated at assigned desks.
  • Tina is thankful for happy accidents: Some of our best ideas come from unplanned discussions that didn’t require a formal meeting.
  • Kate loves solving puzzles: We bond (and compete) daily over crossword challenges, Connections and lately, Strands.
  • Lauren takes advantage of cross-team collaboration: Some of our most innovative solutions arise from impromptu brainstorms with teammates offering unique perspectives.
  • Spencer values productivity: The casual setting often leads to effective problem-solving.
  • Ally embraces an abundance of laughter: Not taking ourselves too seriously keeps our creativity flowing.

The Village Table is an intersection of our professional and personal lives, fostering a unique blend of productivity and fun.

Even our partners notice the unique atmosphere at our HQ. 

Amy Brown, CEO at Authenticx and longtime friend of Innovatemap, shared her experience walking into the Village, “When I first came to the Innovatemap office, I was a founder who had no space except my car and a laptop. I remember walking into Innovatemap and just feeling so comfortable and relaxed here.”

The Village Table does more than serve as a place to sit. It’s an inclusive space where everyone is always invited. When you’re at Innovatemap, you always have a seat at the Village Table.

Interested in learning more about what it’s like to experience the innovation and camaraderie at the HQ? Let’s connect and find some time for you to visit.