Tina Hafer

Executive Partner, Product Marketing & Business Ops

As a founding partner of Innovatemap, Tina brings over 25 years of technology and enterprise software experience in both technical sales and product marketing. As a member of the executive team, she helps drive the vision and operations of the organization forward. She also partners with clients to help them see the big picture, identify their challenges, and create a plan to overcome them.

From product launch to revenue growth and beyond, Tina plays a strategic role in defining clients’ product marketing – product hierarchy, positioning and messaging, packaging and sales enablement activities. For companies like Greenlight Guru, Tangoe, RICS, and Jobvite, Tina has unpacked the full value of their software and equipped their sales team with the framework to deliver that message to market.

Tina looks forward to helping you claim your position in the market clearly and with conviction.

Selected Work