Tina Hafer

Executive Partner, Product Marketing & Business Ops

As a founding partner of Innovatemap, Tina Hafer guides our clients and our agency to the big picture. Her love for un-complicating the complicated drives her in solving our partners’ challenges and evolving the Innovatemap business.

Tina brings a 25-year career in technical sales and product marketing to Innovatemap. In all endeavors, she breaks through surface-level conversations to discover how products succeed. She believes in helping clients uncover and activate their own magic to create compelling products that sell, a topic she also covers as co-host of the Better Product podcast’s Unlock Product Marketing series. Tina provides unmatched wisdom on today’s toughest tech questions, and her joy comes in creating growth opportunities for the next generation of product marketers.

You can find Tina outdoors or at live concerts on her free days—be sure to ask her what it was like to attend the first Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Electric Forest festivals. She loves cooking for a crew and tries new recipes whenever she can.

Selected Work