Spencer Abrams

Principal Product Manager

Any interaction with Spencer Abrams begins with action. He believes the best products come from asking direct questions about client goals and pain points so that the created solutions improve real lives.

Spencer’s been at the table and done just that with several successful product teams, including Salesforce, DemandJump, and Aha! He continues to bring his insights in product management to clients like Mobile reCell and Your Money Line. Spencer believes products thrive when everyone’s input is considered and when the finer details of a client’s industry, problems, and goals are front-and-center. He’s a master at addressing elephants in the room and helping teams overcome the challenges that can hold a product back.

As the mind behind our office sports pools, Spencer is Innovatemap’s resident competitor. He won’t miss his favorite local event, the Indianapolis 500, and loves a game of basketball.

Selected Work