Ivy Ventures

Ivy Ventures, the capital and resources partner pioneering a smarter venture ecosystem, lacked the foundation and digital presence needed to raise the fund, attract LPs and win over founders.

We partnered with Ivy Ventures to build a scalable and credible brand and product marketing foundation. We delivered a website (copy and design), foundational positioning and messaging, brand visuals, photography and more.

Our work helped Ivy Ventures successfully GTM, earn verbal commitments for the $20M fund in three weeks, attract five portfolio advisors and invest in four portfolio companies and counting.

What We Did:
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Launch Strategy
  • Motion Design
  • Persona Based Messaging
  • Photography
  • Pitch Deck
  • Positioning & Messaging Framework
  • Website Copy & Design
Logo in motion
Typography breakdown of Ivy’s foundational statement

Ivy Ventures’ foundational statement is the North Star that describes who they are, who they serve, why they exist and the value they deliver.

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Color palette
Brand visuals and messaging
Foundational statement broken down by persona
Motion brand visuals

Rooted in what makes them different, Ivy Ventures’ positioning framework helps them efficiently and accurately describe the value they deliver. 

While the foundational statement guides all messaging, benefit pillars clearly identify Ivy’s value and differentiators.

Business card mockup (left) and motion brand visuals (right)

Icons and illustration shapes were inspired by dominos creating a flywheel. “If you tip a domino the right way, the flywheel will start,” said Tressa Janes, Brand Designer. 

“Ivy’s smart capital will tip the dominos and kickstart something different and special. We used motion to show this in a more impactful and concise way than static alone.”

Key benefit pillars
Photography kit
Mockup of brand visuals and messaging

“The brand helps Ivy stand out to the right type of founder as trustworthy, reliable and excellent across the board,” said Meghan Pfeifer, Principal Product Marketer and Brand Strategist.

Because of Ivy’s unique value proposition, we created a bold brand that strikes the balance between differentiation, boldness, professionalism and credibility. 

“Red was a blue ocean choice in VC, no one really goes red,” Meghan said. “The brand looks elevated, premier, and established from the first touchpoint.” 

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Brand guide