In today's world, students have to keep up with more. As a professor and an experienced startup founder, Josh Owens knew the problem well and had an idea to solve it. He came to Innovatemap to build and market what would be named Boost, an outcomes-driven notification app for students. 

We delivered tight go-to-market messaging, a brand identity to resonate with the collegiate audience, and launch assets that encouraged students to sign up. 

What We Did:
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • MVP Definition
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Product Design
  • Website

Boost’s product is unique in that universities are the buyers, but students are the users. Those two audiences speak and interact in very different ways, so we had to find the niche in the market and figure out how Boost would talk.

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We coordinated branding and design to match Boost’s audience with the product. This includes quick and catchy messaging, rounded shapes, bright colors, and fun patterns (mirroring the infamous composition notebook) that make the product memorable and fun to use. 

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