Meghan Pfeifer

Senior Product Marketer & Brand Strategist

Meghan Pfeifer will help you find your voice. As a Senior Product Marketer & Brand Strategist, Meghan defines a company’s position in market and develops its go-to-market strategy. Thorough and speedy, Meghan provides impactful end-to-end services from strategy to design.

With a background in design, Meghan understands how visuals and brand strategy work together, and she will use that to your advantage. Meghan’s highlight reel includes designing a website for the NBA All Stars League 2021 Indianapolis tournament, opening and heading the New York office, and becoming the co-host of the Better Product Podcast.

From Meghan, you can expect calculated risk taking, specialization in D2C/B2C brands, high-quality feedback, and fun (but productive) meetings. Finding the right words to showcase your business gives Meghan energy, and she will certainly help you stand out.

If you frequent 24-hour diners, you may run into Meghan. Meghan, future beach house owner, is always on the hunt for her next adventure. She enjoys painting, working out, watching college football, and traveling internationally.

Meghan plans to continue growing Innovatemap’s presence in New York, and she’s excited to show the world how awesome your product is.

Selected Work