Summit SmartFarms

Through their technology framework and industry expertise, Summit SmartFarms helps pig producers monitor, protect and raise healthier pigs in a more profitable way.

Summit SmartFarms is a team of seasoned and trusted experts in agriculture, but as non-tech founders they lacked the SaaS expertise necessary to go to market as a software company. 

Together, we created and activated a scalable brand and product marketing foundation that helped Summit SmartFarms go to market successfully. 

What We Did:
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Hierarchy
  • Brand Identity
  • Buyer Insights
  • Photography & Videography
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Product Naming
  • Website

Rooted in what makes them different, Summit SmartFarms’ new positioning framework helps them efficiently and accurately describe the value they deliver to buyers. 

While the foundational statement is the north star that guides all messaging, benefit pillars clearly identify Summit SmartFarms’ value and differentiators.

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“The primary brand theme is tradition evolved,” said Tressa Janes, Brand Designer. 

“For Summit SmartFarms, technology is merely a tool to elevate action, so fast action and truth drive the brand. It’s bold and vibrant, with both modern and analog qualities that reflect the Summit SmartFarms team.”

After designing and launching a compelling website, we activated benefit pillars in branded trade show materials to put Summit SmartFarms’ value front and center.

Then, we equipped the team to tell their story by activating their story in key marketing and sales assets, like social media graphics and business cards. Now, the team is equipped to tell the Summit SmartFarms story.

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Armed with a clear, cohesive and compelling positioning framework and brand identity, Summit SmartFarms is equipped to scale.

“I feel confident in our brand and image thanks to Innovatemap,” said Ed Bahler, Co-Founder and CEO. “I am confident it’s going to be a huge differentiator for us.

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