Hoplite Consulting is a proactive cybersecurity firm operating as trusted advisors and technical translators for businesses of all sizes. With innovative proprietary technology, Hoplite identifies vulnerabilities, crafts custom solutions and security programs, and prevents cyber attacks.

With an innovative product and highly-qualified team, Hoplite solves a real problem.

But the cybersecurity space is crowded with competitors who’ve led the industry for decades. Hoplite is new to market, so they needed to establish credibility and differentiate themselves as trusted advisors.

Together, we created Hoplite’s foundational product marketing and a striking brand that tells the world who they are, what they do and why they’re different.

What We Did:
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Enablement
  • Motion Design
  • Positioning & Messaging
Foundational Statement – What They Are

“We communicated the truth about who they are and what they do, and that clearly shows how they’re different from competitors,” Meghan Pfeifer (Senior Product Marketer & Brand Strategist) said. “Hoplite is very different, so it wasn’t hard to leverage the right words and visuals to bring their value front and center.”

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Typography Element – Ink Traps
Typography Element – Variables
Color Palette
Brand Visual Element
Brand Concept
Foundational Statement – Why it Matters
Brand Concept

Since differentiation and credibility were critical to Hoplite, the brand balances professionalism with approachability to look modern and innovative. It feels more like the brand of a tech-advanced accounting firm or law office than a cybersecurity company, which helps differentiate Hoplite as trusted advisors. 

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Messaging Pillars
Brand Concept – Website Homepage
Expressive Palette and Visual Elements
Brand Visual Element

“Hoplite listens to and educates their clients about cybersecurity. Clients feel heard and begin to understand,” Meghan said. “What Hoplite does is not magic. It’s science and hard work backed by highly skilled individuals. We needed to show buyers that Hoplite educates them about risks and empowers them to be proactive, which is more than what their competitors do.”

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Conference Deliverables
Brand Guide