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Hoplite’s Positioning, Messaging and Brand Establish Credibility in a Crowded Market

Hoplite Consulting is a proactive cybersecurity firm operating as trusted advisors and technical translators for businesses of all sizes. With innovative proprietary technology, Hoplite identifies vulnerabilities, crafts custom solutions and security programs, and prevents cyber-attacks.

While other cybersecurity firms focus on fixing problems after a cybersecurity attack, Hoplite takes a proactive approach to prevent cyber-attacks before they happen.

We partnered to differentiate Hoplite from competitors and establish credibility through foundational product marketing (positioning and messaging) and brand.


With an innovative product and sizable addressable market, Hoplite solves a real problem in the cybersecurity space. 

But the cybersecurity space is crowded with competitors who’ve led the industry for decades. Hoplite is new to the market, so they needed to establish credibility as trusted advisors.

Additionally, Hoplite’s proprietary tech equips their experts to solve buyer problems in a better way. Hoplite needed to claim their position in market to differentiate themselves with strong messaging that resonates with buyers

Further, Hoplite needed a striking brand that helped distinguish them from others. To prepare for a global cybersecurity conference, Hoplite needed to activate their visual identity in powerful marketing materials.

The Innovatemap team that partnered with Hoplite included:

  • Meghan Pfeifer (Senior Product Marketer & Brand Strategist)
  • Lauren Shomaker (Product Marketer)
  • Andy Kennedy (Principal, Brand Strategy & Design)
  • Kaylee Green (Brand Designer)
  • Yhareli Chamboneth (Senior Motion Designer)
  • Tina Hafer (Executive Partner, Product Marketing & Business Ops)


Positioning & Messaging

We created Hoplite’s foundational product marketing to tell the world who they are, what they do and why they’re different.

Hoplite’s positioning and messaging: 

  • Establishes them as a credible and trusted group of experts
  • Differentiates them in a crowded market
  • Clearly articulates their value to buyers

Competitors take advantage of a lack of cybersecurity education, using fear-mongering and reactionary responses to scare customers into buying. But not Hoplite. 

Hoplite equips buyers to take protection into their own hands through education and empowerment.

“Hoplite listens to and educates their clients about cybersecurity. Clients feel heard and begin to understand,” Meghan said. “What Hoplite does is not magic. It’s science and hard work backed by highly skilled individuals. We needed to show buyers that Hoplite educates them about risks and empowers them to be proactive, which is more than what their competitors do.” 

This value is articulated clearly in Hoplite’s foundational positioning statement, which guides all other messaging and product marketing activation.

This foundation makes it clear how Hoplite differentiates from competitors: through technical education, trust-building, and a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

Activation in marketing materials (trade show booth materials, website, pitch deck visuals) includes messaging guided by the foundational positioning statement and the new brand. 


To support Hoplite’s foundational positioning and messaging, we reimagined their visual identity

Since differentiation and credibility were critical to Hoplite, the brand balances professionalism with approachability to look modern and innovative.

Brand trends in the cybersecurity space are notoriously intimidating, using harsh colors like red and black and heavy fonts. Because of this, these design elements are associated with fear and feelings of powerlessness. 

As trusted advisors and technical translators, Hoplite’s brand is much more approachable, while maintaining both professionalism and transparency. 

Hoplite’s messaging and brand work together to balance innovation with trustworthiness. The brand feels more like that of a tech-advanced accounting firm or law office than a cybersecurity company. And the messaging emphasizes why they are innovative, different and better than others. 

Now, Hoplite’s visual identity matches their highly qualified team and resonates with buyers to help them stand out in a crowded market. In short, Hoplite looks as exceptional as they actually are. 


Helping a startup like Hoplite differentiate themselves in a crowded market is simple when they are doing something truly innovative. 

“We communicated the truth about who they are and what they do, and that clearly shows how they’re different from competitors,” Meghan said. “Hoplite is very different, so it wasn’t hard to leverage the right words and visuals to bring their value front and center.”

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