Doodle is a professional scheduling tool that puts the power of a simple word—when—back in your hands. After 15 years serving a global market, Doodle CEO Renato Profico approached Innovatemap with the goal of achieving the company's first rebrand.

A rebrand for the Doodle product meant more than a new logo and visuals. First, Innovatemap’s product marketing experts helped Doodle redefine its positioning—and crafted compelling messages to match. For 6 months, the Innovatemap brand team worked 1:1 with Doodle’s designers to determine the guiding brand concept and support its activation in illustrations, an updated website, a video, and more.

What We Did:
  • Brand Hierarchy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Insights
  • Motion & Illustration Systems
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Product & Brand Integration Concepts
  • Product Launch Video
  • Production Brand Enablement
  • Website Design
Logo Reveal
Product Launch Video
Website Before + After

The creative challenge was to not completely abandon what got Doodle to 10 million active users, but we did want to make the new Doodle look appropriately new.

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Excerpt from Product Launch Video
Brand Launch Concepts
Illustration Cache from Website Design
Responsive Illustrations
Brand Idea + Positioning

When work began on cultivating a new brand idea, the Innovatemap and Doodle teams began with questions. Some were aimed at the market, and others targeted Doodle itself. Together, we asked, what is Doodle’s guiding mission and vision as a company?

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Brand Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy
Brand and Product Integration: Typography
Brand and Product Integration: Color
Brand Launch Concepts

In working with Doodle the Innovatemap team also deepened our commitment to activating new brand concepts.

Hear from Doodle’s CEO on Doodle’s rebrand

Brand and Product Integration: Mobile Concepts
Product Icon Animations
Brand Launch Concepts
In-Market Logo Studies
Brand and Product Integration: Desktop Concepts
Brand and Product Integration: Mobile Concepts