About Innovatemap — 02.21.2023

Why We Partnered With Pavilion to Share Product Marketing Expertise

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

How do you tell your company’s story? How do you explain the value you provide to buyers?

It starts with product marketing. 

A valuable role at companies of all sizes, product marketing translates features and benefits into value statements that buyers want and understand. As more products enter the market, the demand for product marketing grows.

Innovatemap partnered with Pavilion to host a three-week product marketing course, led by one of our industry experts, Leanna Adeola, Principal of Product Marketing and Brand Strategy.

Pavilion is a global organization that provides community-powered learning for CEOs and revenue leaders of high-growth companies. Spanning 100 cities, hosting 200 annual events and offering 75 different courses, their mission is to help leaders develop their careers alongside a powerful network of peers to enable their teams to reach new heights. Since 2020, Pavilion University has garnered nearly 12,000 total enrollments.

“I joined Pavilion to connect with like-minded professionals who want to learn from and with each other,” said Sara Croft, a two-year Executive Member. “I’ve learned new strategies and created authentic connections with people who truly want to help my team and me, and I can say there is no other community of revenue leaders I’d rather be part of.”

When Pavilion leaders asked Sara for help finding the right person to lead a product marketing course, she knew the right person for the job.

With 15 years of industry experience, Leanna’s helped dozens of companies define who they are, the audiences they serve and the value they can provide. She doesn’t just establish and define brands, she amplifies them.  Leanna helps high-growth SaaS companies like Microblink transform their brand identity and launch new products to market. She creates scalable product marketing to accelerate growth for established companies like Panzura

“Pavilion University makes it a priority to work with faculty members who are practicing experts in their field. This is where those who do come to teach,” said Taliesin Stratton, Senior Learn Manager at Pavilion. “Because of this approach, our faculty bring real-world experience to the classroom that allows us to offer a curriculum that is relevant, timely and immediately applicable for our students.

Together, Leanna and the Pavilion team curated a program to teach how product marketing enables growth and the core functions product marketing executes, such as positioning, messaging and sales enablement. Students learned how to identify and approach those core functions and apply them to their own businesses and growth strategies. 

“Creating the curriculum and teaching this course has given me the opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learned throughout my career,” explained Leanna. “I was excited to share these insights and processes with others to make their work easier, better and more impactful for their business.”

When the teacher is a practitioner, you don’t get a textbook. You get real-time insights and experiences to help actual businesses solve real problems. 

In each 90-minute session, community members: 

  • Learned new strategies they can activate in their own work.
  • Explored the value of collaboration and understanding buyer pain points.
  • Discussed relevant industry trends.
  • Asked questions and get real-time, insightful feedback. 
  • Engaged with Leanna and other revenue professionals.

In addition to receiving resume certificates upon completing the course, students walked away understanding the direct impact that product marketing has on key business outcomes, like revenue growth and customer acquisition cost (CAC). 

At Innovatemap, we believe that knowledge is power. But with that knowledge, comes a responsibility to share it with others.

Even industry experts like Leanna consider themselves practitioners of product marketing. Working directly with founders, CEOs and heads of marketing gives her the at-bats to know what problems businesses are facing right now, and how they change over time. 

“Working with other companies often allows you to connect more dots,” said Leanna. “I can identify patterns and trends among clients to understand how they’ve successfully grown their businesses. Then, I can apply these insights to other companies to help them achieve their own growth goals in their own industries.”

Product marketers are naturally equipped to work with a variety of roles within a company, so they understand how to help the company make the most impact. 

Leanna credits her learnings and expertise to surrounding herself with people who think differently. “The magic of great work happens at the intersection of different roles and perspectives,” Leanna said.

We’re proud to partner with Pavilion to share our expertise and help fellow product leaders grow their companies.