Sara Croft

Vice President, Marketing

Sara Croft uncovers what makes Innovatemap grow. With her own forward-thinking and more than a decade of marketing experience, she crafts the strategies that will connect our unique agency with the tech leaders who need our help.

Finding creative solutions to problems gives Sara energy. Whether she’s leading our marketing team, promoting clients, or introducing our agency to someone new, Sara brings clarity and an eye for excellence to our work. She lives in the future so she can use her expert instinct to see what needs to be done and apply unforgettable marketing to business opportunities. Sara is most proud of launching the Better Product Community, expanding our presence in NYC, and establishing the marketing discipline for Innovatemap.

When she’s not whiteboarding her next big idea, Sara can be found cooking, playing video games, or hiking with her husband and fur babies, Theo and Truman. She believes life is better when you can laugh about it.