Sara Croft

Sara Croft

Principal, Growth Marketing

Sara Croft brings over a decade of marketing experience to Innovatemap.

Nonprofit work at TechPoint jumpstarted Sara’s time in the tech industry. Today, she spends her days marketing Innovatemap to increase brand awareness and build partnership opportunities. Since there is no existing roadmap that will help Innovatemap grow our unique agency, Sara must be forward-thinking when strategizing Innovatemap’s next steps. Sara is most proud of her work launching the Better Product Community and Business of Product Podcast, highlighting our incredible business growth and expansion into NYC through media campaigns, and establishing the discipline of marketing for Innovatemap. Finding creative solutions for complicated problems gives Sara energy, and she never shies away from a challenge.

When she’s not planning events or championing the value of strategic PR for clients, Sara can be found cooking, playing video games, or hiking with her husband and two fur babies, Theo and Truman. Regardless of what she is doing, Sara believes life is better when you can laugh about it.

Sara works to make a difference in someone’s life and in the world. She believes Innovatemap is building Indiana’s economy by creating market-leading tech companies — we create jobs, and we create opportunity.