Panzura, a hybrid cloud data management platform, gives enterprise companies better security, visibility and control over their data by tracking where data is, how it’s growing, who accesses it and how it’s used.

As one of the fastest growing scaleups in the world, Panzura needed a stronger product marketing foundation to equip their sales team for long-term success.

Together, we identified Panzura’s top-level positioning, product categories and product messaging to create foundational and scalable positioning.

What We Did:
  • Company Positioning
  • Positioning
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Product Messaging
Messaging Guidelines for Website Activation
Company-Level Benefit Pillars
Company Level Positioning – Foundational Statement

We created the foundation for Panzura’s positioning and messaging to tell the world who they are and what they do. 

“Panzura is a scaleup with in-house product talent that understands product marketing and their product well,” Leanna Adeola (Principal, Product Marketing & Brand) said. “But their full-time job is not to do that. We carved out time to help them think through the words to describe Panzura’s products and their value.” 

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Product Messaging Guide Presentation
Positioning Framework Physical Concept
Product Hierarchy

With 25 years in the business, Panzura is an established company. “They have a lot of products, and those products do a lot of different things,” Leanna explained. “We helped them organize all their products into distinct product families.”

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Site Tone of Voice and Language
Company Level Positioning – Foundational Statement

Panzura was a great partner because they deeply understood the value of what we do. We helped accelerate growth as their strategic partner, building foundational elements of Panzura’s product marketing strategy that will scale with them.

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