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How Brand and Product Marketing Helped Summit SmartFarms Go to Market as a Software Company

Summit SmartFarms gives pig producers the technology and processes they need to raise healthier pigs with less money and time.

Through their technology framework, Summit SmartFarms gives pig producers the tools they need to monitor, protect and raise pigs in a more profitable way.

We partnered with Summit SmartFarms to build a scalable brand and product marketing foundation so buyers understand their value instantly. 


Summit SmartFarms is a team of seasoned and trusted experts in agriculture, building successful businesses and organizing productive teams. 

But as non-tech founders without experience in SaaS, Summit SmartFarms needed our help going to market as a software company and staking their claim as industry experts.

With ambitious sales goals, Summit SmartFarms knew they needed a strong and cohesive story and brand presence to achieve them. With an important trade show approaching, they needed a website and trade show materials.

After engaging with us, buyers instantly understand what Summit SmartFarms does, who it’s for and why it matters. 

The Innovatemap team that partnered with Summit SmartFarms included:


Summit SmartFarms wanted to go to market as a Software-as-a-Strategic-Advantage (SaaSA) company and help early adopters deeply understand the value of their product. Innovatemap helped Summit SmartFarms transform their value into a cohesive story, establish a strong brand identity and optimize sales enablement tools. We helped the team define their strategy by striking a balance between their vision for the future and the value the product provides today.

Our product marketing and brand experts helped Summit SmartFarms: 

  • Define, understand and resonate with their ideal target audience.
  • Clarify how they’re different from competitors.
  • Establish a strong foundation to go to market as a SaaSA company.
  • Show the world how they’re changing the pig production industry. 
  • Launch a new website that articulates their position in-market and industry knowledge. 

Product Marketing

To establish Summit SmartFarms’ product marketing and brand foundation, we created their story to translate across all sales and marketing communications. This story signals to the world how Summit SmartFarms is revolutionizing the industry. It demonstrates their industry and technology expertise and solidifies Summit SmartFarms as a credible partner. 

To define, understand and resonate with Summit SmartFarms’ audience, we first conducted buyer insights research and uncovered their pains, motivations and goals. 

Then, we clarified how Summit SmartFarms is different from others in the space. After considering the existing players in market, we defined Summit SmartFarms’ value proposition, crafted their foundational statement and identified key benefit pillars. 

Summit SmartFarms’ Foundational Statement

Rooted in what makes them different, Summit SmartFarms’ new positioning framework helps them efficiently and accurately describe the value they deliver to buyers. While the foundational statement is the north star that guides all messaging, benefit pillars clearly identify Summit SmartFarms’ value and differentiators.

After developing the foundational way to describe their category, primary audience and value propositions, we defined Summit SmartFarms’ brand voice and crafted supporting messaging.

A robust messaging framework details the polished and creative ways Summit SmartFarms shares specific messages with their audience. To help them tell a cohesive and credible story, the messaging framework helps guide brand voice in company collateral.


We reimagined Summit SmartFarms’ entire visual identity: logo, typography, color, visual language and photography. Thorough brand guidelines ensure Summit SmartFarms’ brand will scale with them.

“The brand is bold and modern, expressing analog qualities with a digital flair,” Leanna said. “It amplifies Summit SmartFarms’ mission by visually embodying the merging of humankind with technology.”

While bold typography paired with a bright color palette creates a commanding presence, the photography is approachable, relatable and shows the team in their element: working in barns with pigs. 

Motion design elevates the brand and helps buyers focus on the right information at the right time. It’s fast and precise, but not disorienting or distracting.

Summit SmartFarms is human, hardworking and smart. All brand elements work harmoniously together to show they’re trustworthy, qualified and credible industry experts.

Website & Activation

Together, we launched a compelling website that: 

  • Solidifies Summit SmartFarms as credible experts.
  • Articulates their position in-market.
  • Quickly and clearly explains what they do and who they serve.
  • Grounds sales claims by proving their promises.
  • Equips them to scale because it’s easy to update and maintain.

We activated benefit pillars in branded trade show materials to put Summit SmartFarms’ value front and center, including graphics and a video for use during conversations with prospects.

Then, we activated their story in key marketing and sales assets, like social media graphics and business cards. Now, the team is equipped to tell the Summit SmartFarms story.

Because Summit SmartFarms is armed with a strong product marketing and brand foundation, their buyers instantly understand what the product does, who it’s for and why it matters. 


Armed with a clear, cohesive and compelling positioning framework and brand identity, Summit SmartFarms is equipped to scale.

“I feel confident in our brand and image thanks to Innovatemap,” said Ed Bahler, Co-Founder and CEO. “I am confident it’s going to be a differentiator for us.”

The Summit SmartFarms website launch was a success, and it will support growth for years to come. 

“Our website looks awesome,” said John Hoek, President. “It does everything we need it to, and it shows our competence. It’s beautiful!”

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