Native AI

When Native AI first launched in market, Generative AI was just gaining traction. Despite the innovative nature of their complex product, Native AI struggled to communicate its value, relying heavily on founder-led sales. But they needed to sell to enterprise customers who demand a clear market position, polished brand and exceptional product experience. 

Innovatemap helped Native AI streamline its offerings with product hierarchy and convey its value with positioning. Through a full rebrand, we equipped them with a visual identity that enhanced their credibility and established a unique position in market. 

Within the product, we redesigned key product screens to optimize user workflows, integrating Native AI's new brand identity into a cohesive design system.

Today, Native AI has a cohesive story, compelling visual identity and seamless user experience that resonates with their target audience.

What We Did:
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Enablement
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Product Design
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Product Management
  • Sales Enablement
Graphic explaining Native AI's market problem before working with Innovatemap, and the solutions created after partnering.

“As a SaaS company, product is at the core
of everything we do, and Innovatemap has been a true strategic partner. Our business has evolved and grown substantially over the past few years, and this was only possible because Innovatemap helped us build for scale.”

Sarah Sanders
Chief Operating Officer at Native AI

We updated their design system and designed several first-to-market features, including Digital Twins, an AI-powered solution that creates digital clones of your customers to gain real-time insights on product preferences and purchasing behaviors.

“Innovatemap streamlined the user experience by minimizing time-to-value, while simultaneously creating opportunities for deeper engagement,” said Sarah Sanders, Chief Operating Officer at Native AI. “Average engagement time has increased by 75% over the past 6 months.”

Elements of Native AI’s updated brand, positioning and messaging.

Native AI’s positioning emphasizes that with the power of AI, people can effectively and efficiently collect data to understand how to improve products and increase customer satisfaction.

“Native AI gathers mass amounts of qualitative data from real customers and translates it into quantitative actionable insights,” said Meghan Pfeifer Corsello, Principal Product Marketer and Brand Strategist.

“Using collages and natural color tones, the new brand communicates the variety and breadth of human experience for companies needing perspective to better serve their customers.”

Native AI’s new messaging emphasizes the simplicity of using the product to surface data and insights, compared to costly, time-consuming conventional research methods.

As Generative AI gains recognition among key audiences, we helped Native AI articulate their Digital Twins offering through words, visuals and product design.

One-pagers created with the new messaging to speak to how Native AI it works, its benefits and key features.

“It’s always exciting to see a new product design, brand and messaging strategy come together to make an immediate impact for an early-stage product,” said Spencer Abrams, Principal Product Manager.

“The Native AI team has been incredible to work with throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be happier as we see them continue to grow.”

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