Movable Ink

Movable Ink has been delivering personalized 1:1 marketing messages for some of the largest brands in the world for more than a decade. Their content personalization tools were powerful, but they needed to refresh their user experience to improve usability and increase consistency throughout the product.

Innovatemap conducted a product audit to document all design patterns across their portfolio of products. Then, we delivered a new robust design system to standardize the experience across the entire solution.

We equipped Movable Ink with exceptional product designs to generate excitement at their 2023 Think Summit. At this year's conference, their team shared a live demo featuring the new InkUX design system.

Beyond the conference, we partnered with specialized product teams to create high-fidelity concepts ensuring consistency across their entire platform.

Now, Movable Ink has a scalable design system and optimized user experience, as well as a reliable design partner they can count on in Innovatemap.

What We Did:
  • Design System
  • Product Audit
  • Product Design
  • Product Management
  • Product Prototype

“Our engagement with Innovatemap has significantly contributed to accelerating our time to value. By establishing a shared design language and implementing reusable systems, we’ve expedited the development process, enabling the delivery of value-added features into users’ hands in a timelier manner.”

Andria Mattsen
Director, Product Design at Movable Ink

Movable Ink product screens, before and after Innovatemap redesigned them with their new design system.

Movable Ink needed a user experience that was easy for marketers to use to power their marketing campaigns. “The product’s personalization capabilities had a proven track record of improving open, click and conversation rates,” said Spencer Abrams, Principal Product Manager. “But, if a product is difficult to use, users don’t recognize that value.”

“For us, the question became: how do we preserve the power of this app, but make it more simple and accessible for users?”

Our product experts helped redesign the product to be more intuitive, convenient and exciting to use.

A strategic, collaborative process for workflow mapping.

The finished design is important, but so is the journey to get there. Innovatemap helped the Movable Ink team rethink their user journey from a different perspective.

“The UX designs crafted in partnership not only helped us with a new and improved visual language, but went beyond in tackling complex workflows head-on, transforming them into intuitive user journeys,” said Andria Mattsen, Director of Product Design at Movable Ink.

User interface components for Movable Ink's AI marketing platform
User interface components in the new design system.

For a scaling organization with hundreds of employees and multiple products, a replicable design system and process was key to creating a consistent user experience.

Movable Ink’s signature Think Summit conference is a key opportunity for their team to share product updates for customers.

Exceptional product designs generate anticipation and have lasting impact—it’s exactly what Movable Ink needed to excite customers. With Innovatemap’s help, Movable Ink developed a more intuitive and consistent product, increasing value for their customers.

After previewing the initial product designs in 2023, Movable Ink demoed the software featuring the new InkUX design system at their 2024 Think Summit conference.

Laptop screen with Movable Ink product mockup

“The InkUX design system established in collaboration with Innovatemap has revolutionized the workflows within Movable Ink,” said Andria.

“Innovatemap’s support has been instrumental in enhancing the overall user experience and solidifying Movable Ink’s position as a market leader.”

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