Your Money Line

Financial expert and non-tech founder Pete the Planner founded Your Money Line to provide educational resources, promote financial wellness, and allow users to track their financial growth. 

But with an outdated brand and software that lacked functionality, Your Money Line wasn’t showing up in market how they wanted. They needed help identifying the most valuable features and telling a better story.

Armed with a strong product vision and a driven team but no clear path to success, Your Money Line came to us for help.  

Together, we leveraged our cross-discipline services to create a valuable, marketable and usable product that solves real problems for users.

What We Did:
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Product Design
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Product Management
  • Website
Motion Logo
Logo Iterations
Positioning Statement

Brand Elements & Photo Integration

Your Money Line partnered with Innovatemap to strengthen its brand and product. The brand tells a story that keeps buyers invested. And the company’s new, intuitive dashboard is a product users want to use. 

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Product Screens
Brand Concept
Photography Direction

The financial industry is notoriously buttoned up and clean cut. Your Money Line’s brand, however, doesn’t feel intimidating. Rather, it’s light, easy-to-use and approachable. The bright colors, bubbly imagery and surprising illustrations reflect the Your Money Line team.

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Your Money Line Explainer Video
Tone of Voice
Product Preferences & Brand Integration
Brand Guide Pages