New York-based digital software company Parkday builds sustainable, data-driven food programs for companies and their people. They provide personalized local food recommendations for employees that match their unique preferences. 

With a solid pipeline of prospects and an app live in market, Parkday needed our expertise to up-level their product and increase users of the platform.

Together we prioritized features and designed a more intuitive dashboard that keeps users engaged. Then, we helped Parkday resonate with their buyers by updating their website with a refreshed brand and messaging.

What We Did:
  • Brand Refresh
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • Messaging Refresh
  • Product Design
  • Website
Parkday Logo with Illustrations
Product Welcome Screen

Parkday’s audience was central to every decision. We chose to emphasize the brand (more than usual) in the product because it’s consumer-facing. 

Tressa Janes, Brand Designer, used illustrations to show Parkday’s process. “The illustrations show everything that happens before your food gets to you. It’s curated by a system that works,” Tressa said. “You see farm to table, the quality chef creating your personalized meals, the metrics that happen behind the scenes, delivery, and finally the satisfying lunch you can enjoy with coworkers.”

Old Pallete to Updated Pallete

Meghan Pfeifer, Senior Product Marketer & Brand Strategist, highlighted the value of the illustrations to the product. “We wanted to create something that was modern and simple. It needed to speak to buyers and users in both marketing materials and the product — on the website and in the app.”

Product Invite Modal
Meal Selection Screens
Branded Email

We refreshed Parkday’s messaging to help them better resonate with both buyers and users. “Parkday’s messaging needed to speak to a few different audiences in different ways, but we knew it would be easy to rally everyone around a common love: food,” said Meghan.

Branded One Sheeter with Product Messaging
Branded Menu with Product Messaging

For Parkday’s product, the first impression is everything. Because of this, we paid special attention to the experience of signing up for the product. “It’s got to be easy, intuitive, and enjoyable,” Jon Moore (Principal, Product Design) said. “After they’ve signed up, users need to have the power to experience the product at their own pace. And we gave them that.”

Date Selection in Product