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Parspec’s Simplified Product Solves Complex Problems

Discovering solutions for complex problems — it’s what we do. It’s also what Parspec, a B2B company that streamlines construction submittals, does. 

Parspec digitizes and simplifies submittals, taking a manual process that typically lasts several hours down to minutes. Their digital product provides sales agents and distributors with better information and more efficient online workflows to support the selection of construction products. 

With an official product launch on the horizon, Parspec partnered with Innovatemap to simplify and enhance their user experience and update their visual identity. The intuitive experience enables users to onboard, easily create submittals and quickly share with others. To resonate with the right buyers, a refreshed brand and website establish Parspec’s credibility as a forward thinker in the construction space.


Though Parspec’s product solves an important problem, it was not intuitive or simple to use. 

Parspec understood that their beta users struggled to navigate its complexity. They needed a better user experience.

To maximize their launch impact and resonate with the right buyers, Parspec needed an updated site and brand.

The Innovatemap team that partnered with Parspec included:


Product Management & Product Design

Our product management and product design team worked together to deeply understand and simplify the workflows, established a clear information hierarchy, designed self-service onboarding, and created a dashboard to visualize information more effectively. 

“We gave them the tools and the foundation. Now they can scale with intentionality,” Kate said. 

Ultimately, we made the product more intuitive. 

We designed a guided workflow to walk the user through the complex details of creating, annotating, packaging and sharing a submittal. The product’s purpose is clear, and users understand how each click guides them to the finish line. 

“Startups like Parspec are subject matter experts and deeply understand the problem they are solving and what value their solution adds for users,” Lacey explained. “Couple the subject matter experts with the product experts at Innovatemap and we have a partnership set up to maximize impact.” 

Product Marketing & Brand

Parspec came to us with an existing brand but wanted to maximize their launch impact. We refreshed the brand to better resonate with the right buyers

As a tech company in the construction space, Parspec felt a unique pain. The brand needed to maintain approachability while establishing credibility as a tech-forward and innovative product. 

To accomplish this successfully, Parspec’s brand modernizes paradigms from the construction industry. “Parspec knew the value of being seen as innovative, but we knew their buyers required some level of comfort engaging with the brand,” Parker said. “We played with familiar construction color palettes and modern dynamic shapes to find the perfect balance.” 

We created the foundation of Parspec’s website to activate the brand and maximize launch.

Building a site is about more than creating a few functional pages. It’s about understanding business goals and empowering the client to own their site in the future. 

Like many other startups, Parspec needed help building a scalable foundation. We focused on high-level landing pages, like “company” and “careers,” that will help Parspec convey corporate culture and grow their team. 

When Parspec wants to add pages, an extensive landing page library ensures they fit seamlessly into the foundation we built. The Parspec team can create new pages quickly, easily and confidently.


We help founders we believe in achieve the product vision they believe in. And we believe in Parspec.

“It was great to work with such a sharp, motivated team of experts in their field,” Lacey said. “Parspec trusted our expertise which led to really great work.”

“They truly saw us as an extension of their team,” Maria said. “Parspec showed up to every meeting excited and ready to go. The passion the team has for their work is inspiring.”

An excellent user experience is a key differentiator. Poor product design leaves users confused and frustrated. They won’t use the product, even if it solves an important problem.

On the other hand, a well-designed product delights the user, and they feel empowered to navigate features on their own. They’ll look forward to each interaction and keep coming back.

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