Product Management & Product Design Solutions

Work with our team of product experts to build the right solution for the right problem and the right user.

Here’s what our clients say.

“Seeing our sales team’s pride and excitement when they lead with our product — that is exciting.”

Rick Walker, Product @ STANLEY Security

“We’ve circled around all of these ideas for so long. Innovatemap did magic and packaged them all together.”

Lindsay Schmidt, Product @

SaaS products need a product management and product design strategy to attract, retain and engage users. Here’s why.

Beautiful design, scalable, engineering, and savvy messaging don’t guarantee a successful product.

The single characteristic common to all flourishing products is that they solve the right problems for the right people. You want to solve real problems for real people, not hypothetical problems for hypothetical people.

Confirmation bias is the enemy of product market fit.

If you only gather evidence that supports your ideas and assumptions, you’ll blind yourself to opportunities that could improve your product and the lives of the people it seeks to support. Naysayers and challengers often provide more insight into the validity of your product than fans and supporters.

Your users are your best salespeople because they come with no agenda. They just want to talk about a great experience.

Your job is to transform your users into evangelists by creating a product that solves real problems and improves lives. If you create a valuable product that truly impacts your users, they can’t help but talk about it.

Problems we solve

  • Users struggle to use our product.
  • We need to scale while maintaining design quality.
  • We get negative user feedback.
  • We’re struggling to prioritize our roadmap.

Outcomes you’ll reach

  • Users enjoy using our product.
  • We know the right features to build and are confident our users will love them.
  • We can scale confidently.
  • Users can successfully onboard themselves.

We act as a virtual product team for high-growth companies.

RICS, a retail POS software, decided it was time to modernize and level up their product. After years of steady growth, new entrants challenged RICS’ dated UI and brand identity.

Our product management and UX team redesigned the mobile, tablet and desktop app with more intuitive and efficient workflows.

“We had a total UX/UI skill set gap in our organization. Innovatemap filled this gap and became an extension of our team bringing deep expertise, process knowledge and skills. Together, we designed a new mobile POS solution that’s going to change the capabilities we provide our clients forever.”

— Jason Becker, CEO @ RICS

We help startups enter markets with momentum.

Your Money Line, a platform that helps employers prioritize their teams’ financial wellness, wanted to make their product clearer and easier to use.

Together, we developed a roadmap that aligns with company growth goals, designed an intuitive experience that users love, and more.

“Unfortunately for the rest of the world, all partnerships will be measured against our partnership with Innovatemap. In over 20 years of business, this has been the top client experience for me. Bottle that, and you’ve got a $1 billion business.”

— Peter Dunn, CEO & Founder @ Your Money Line

How we work


We’ll align on your business strategy, vision, and the problem at hand.


We’ll design the right solution for the right user and right problem.


We’ll enable you to bring it to market in ways it impacts your business.

“I can’t tell you how happy we are with the ‘out of this world’ work your team has delivered. I am blown away by their talent. The entire team came together to deliver a product that means so incredibly much to us. I can’t believe how important this contribution is. It makes the product so special. I feel very grateful that I had the opportunity to partner with you all.”

— Jennifer Wilson, CFO @ VMS BioMarketing