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How a Product and Brand Revamp Led Authenticx to 350% Growth

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

Healthcare companies have interactions with customers in many places: in-person, email, text, social media, online chat and on the phone. All the questions and feedback customers provide can be valuable for healthcare organizations, but the conversation is often left siloed in the channel where the customer conversation took place. Oftentimes, healthcare companies don’t do anything with those valuable, rich insights. Authenticx set out to change that.

Amy Brown, an experienced professional in the healthcare and insurance industries, realized there needed to be a way to gather and utilize those customer insights. She wanted to find a way to utilize data to reveal hidden barriers, motivators and strategies healthcare companies could utilize to transform their companies. In 2018, the idea for Authenticx was born.


Brown had a clear vision for how her company could benefit healthcare organizations and, as a result, their customers. What she lacked was the technology acumen to put together a digital product that would match her vision. She needed to combine existing customer interactions across call center data, texts, chats, emails and more within a software solution that was sleek, sophisticated and compliant.

Brown searched for a partner with the technical skills to realize her dream. She researched and interviewed potential developer partners in Indiana, where the company was founded, and on the coasts, including Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. While she found many skilled developers, after an initial iteration of the product was produced, she still felt the product development aspect was a missing component. She wanted a team that could take on development as well as provide an exemplary, modern design and user experience.


Upon speaking with Innovatemap leaders, Brown says she was left feeling two emotions: a sense of relief and excitement to finally find a partner that was capable of meeting all of her needs and excitement. “I didn’t know I could have this kind of resource in my own backyard to design and build the product I wanted to make,” said Brown. She elected to work with Innovatemap.

Innovatemap acted as a partner to Authenticx for a variety of product design and product marketing work. In the beginning, the Innovatemap team put together product prototypes, production user experience (UX) design and a robust website. Then, Authenticx needed a rebrand to match the sophisticated new product. Innovatemap then prioritized creating a brand identity and product marketing efforts. At the end of the project, both the Authenticx software and brand had received a major upgrade both in look and feel, as well as usability.

“Honestly, I’ve never had a partner feel so much like an extension of my own team as I have with Innovatemap. They took on the persona of being Authenticx teammates. The team led and facilitated conversations that led me from mystery to clarity in a rapid time period. Innovatemap knows how to facilitate a founders’ mindset and take it from a place of ideation to a place of clarity and decision-making, all the while being supportive and acknowledging the challenging parts of the process.”


According to Brown, the greatest impact Innovatemap had on Authenticx was their speed at turning out a high-quality, high-value product. The company is now serving enterprise clients in healthcare. Within 18 months of beginning work with Innovatemap, Brown says Authenticx is “booming,” with a 350% growth in 2020, hundreds of new users and multiple award wins.

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