We dreamed, designed and delivered a B2C app with VMS BioMarketing that equips patients with chronic conditions with information, experts and motivation to achieve their best outcome.

As a tech-enabled company, VMS BioMarketing didn’t have the in-house team to build a marketable, valuable and usable digital product. 

Our product experts helped VMS BioMarketing align and activate their product strategy in a seamless consumer app. Then, we translated the product’s value into the right words, visuals and tools so customers want to keep using the product.


What We Did:
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Identity
  • Competitive Landscaping
  • Design System Updates
  • Development Support
  • MVP Definition
  • Naming
  • Persona Based Messaging
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Product Design
  • Product Design & Brand Integration
Video reel of the work we delivered
The problem, solution and impact at a glance

To bring Wellkind to life, Innovatemap helped VMS BioMarketing:

1. Align internally on their product strategy and vision for the future.

2. Activate that strategy by building a product users love.

3. Translate the product’s value into the right words, visuals and tools so customers want to keep using the product.

Motion logo

Dark brand icon
Light brand icon
Mission statement

We created the entire foundation for how the brand looks and talks, both in and out of the product. 

Color palette
Color palette and illustrations
Mockup of marketing one-sheeter with messaging
Mockup of applied messaging and brand visuals

From start to finish, we took the product through design to development, launch and beyond.

We equipped the VMS team with the story, words and tools to educate and inspire people to use and promote Wellkind.

Product screens of the app we designed

Our product managers and designers helped the VMS team identify what product to build and how to get there. 

After first defining and activating the right MVP roadmap, we prioritized the most valuable features and designed product screens to support development.

Illustration library
Mockup of marketing materials

The strong product marketing and brand foundation not only explains what the product does and why, but it creates a welcoming space that empowers patients to access information at their own pace whenever they need it.

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Product screens showing different content categories with brand applied
Collage of various product screens we delivered
Breakdown of brand guidelines applied in the product
Homepage product screen overlayed on brand assets
Progress-tracking product visuals

Research found people have better relationships with the brands that make their shoes than the companies that make the life-saving medication they take every day.

To build a more meaningful connection between users and the product, we created impactful words, tools and visuals so patients enjoy the app and want to continue treatment. 

Product screens that show different screens users might see
Marketing mockup of brand and messaging

“I can’t tell you how happy we are with the exceptional work Innovatemap has delivered,” said Jennifer Wilson, CFO.

“This is the best investment we’ve made all year.”

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Collage of select deliverables