Tourial helps marketers create pixel-perfect product tours that launch fast, convert faster and don’t rely on expensive production teams.

After finding success with their target market, the Tourial team saw an opportunity to simplify and optimize their product to meet the needs of a wider market.

Together, we elevated and simplified the product to engage and retain users, and we equipped Tourial with a scalable design foundation that will support years of growth. 

What We Did:
  • Product Design
  • Product Prototypes

“Tourial’s existing product was very well suited for the designer audience, with thorough customization capabilities and control,” said Laurimar Garcia, Product Researcher.

“But marketers want to minimize their time designing so they can maximize their time sharing. They need a simpler product with more intuitive design flows and in-depth sharing capabilities so they can create beautifully branded tours quickly.” 

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Megatool – Advanced Settings
Contextual Menu States
UI Components – Base Colors
UI Components – Typography & Shadows

Prior to design, we held working sessions to discuss workflows, conceptual diagrams and wireframes. Together, we worked through key problem areas, discussed alternatives and pressure-tested different ideas. This stage of the process aligned us as a team of partners to move confidently into design.

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UI Components – Product Chips
UI Components – Product Badges
UI Components – Secondary Colors
UI Components – Buttons

Down to every detail, we created design patterns for Tourial’s in-house design team to reuse and build on as they scale. Now, any added feature will look cohesive with the product two years down the line because it follows the design framework.

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Product Modals