NOWINCLUDED, through their online platform, empowers the black community to make more informed health decisions and shape the future of healthcare. With an existing site and a community that had grown to thousands of people, founders Tiffany Whitlow and Del Smith came to us for help.

Together, we conducted user research, product vision, product marketing, branding and website development. After months of collaboration, we produced a platform for members of the black community to share their health stories in a trusted, safe place. We co-created a new brand for NOWINCLUDED, and we provided strategies and activation deliverables to support brand awareness and partner acquisition.

What We Did:
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Enablement
  • MVP Definition
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • User Research
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Photography and illustrations are very important to NOWINCLUDED. The people are very real, authentic, and diverse in age and socioeconomic status. The brand shows that you are included no matter what you look like, who you are, and where you are.

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User research helped us define their digital product vision, and we used the feedback to establish their look and feel. We formed the words that describe who they are. We created all the materials to launch the brand appropriately. Because we worked on the product and their brand, we therefore could build a consistent brand identity, site, and product.

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What started as a one-way conversation is now in the position to facilitate flourishing connection and feedback in this new digital product.

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