Field Atlas

Agrinovus promotes the growth of Indiana’s agbioscience community today and for generations to come. To reach young Hoosiers, they needed a website to reveal career opportunities in a way that dispelled negative stereotypes about the field.

Our work began with research and extended to naming the initiative Field Atlas, developing key messages, and designing the website and brand identity.

What We Did:
  • Brand Identity
  • Customer Validation
  • Event Enablement
  • MVP Definition
  • Naming
  • Print Assets
  • Product Vision Concepts
  • Socialization Deck
  • User & Market Research

The market had potential for AgriNovus’ product because nothing like it currently existed. Our team had to define what the product would look like, how it would speak, and what its primary features would be.

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AgriNovus’ mission-driven attitude and expertise paired brilliantly with our team’s deep understanding of delightful user experience for the product and brand. Together, we created a valuable product that has the potential to shift the perception of an essential, yet commonly misunderstood, industry.

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