As a new company, Emerge was making impressive strides in achieving key business milestones. To reach the next step, they had to raise funds and launch their pilot program to test and improve their product.

But they faced a tough challenge because their website wasn’t effectively converting interested prospects. They had a classic case of winning over prospects in live conversations, but losing them in key digital sales and marketing channels.

They needed to activate more compelling messaging on their website and marketing materials.

Through our partnership, we delivered a messaging framework with an elevator pitch and persona-specific messaging, along with a pilot program guide. We activated their updated messaging on a new website, pitch deck and one-pager, equipping the Emerge team to focus on their product vision, pitch with confidence and successfully launch their pilot program.

What We Did:
  • Brand Activation
  • Marketing Enablement
  • Pilot Program Guide
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Sales Enablement
  • Website

Emerge’s unique positioning is clear about its user-centric design and the value of an all-in-one platform for dental teams.

Emerge’s website, before and after working with Innovatemap.

“The Emerge site needed to do an important job for the sales process: make it clear how Emerge is different from other dental practice software,” said Leanna Adeola, Principal, Practice Lead — Product Marketing & Brand Strategy.

We designed a website that highlighted the most eye-catching and vital parts of the software from the perspective of their ideal buyer. The website then invites that ideal buyer to see how this platform solves specific pains they’re feeling today. That’s only possible through the compelling copy and visuals on their new website.

This solution visual communicates the concept that Emerge combines practice management, revenue lifecycle management and patient communications into one cohesive platform.

As part of their messaging framework, we equipped Emerge with a new elevator pitch and key benefit pillars to help them explain what they do, how they’re different and the value they provide.

A first for their company, Emerge needed to understand best practices to run a successful pilot program. We created a custom guide for their team based on their goals and the best of what we’ve seen.

With access to existing product designs, we prioritized screens and added motion for visual aids in the website and pitch deck.
We activated their design and new messaging through marketing collateral to educate and convert prospects.

Through our partnership, we captured the story behind why Emerge is valuable to dental office teams. With revised messaging and a new website, the Emerge team’s digital presence and sales collateral now matches the caliber of their product vision.

“They came to us with a vision and a product,” Leanna shared. “And now they have a website and sales materials that will help their ideal customers understand their product and be excited to buy it.”

We activated Emerge’s new messaging through a pitch deck to help them effectively raise and convert prospects for their pilot program.

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