About Innovatemap — 02.07.2024

Celebrating a Decade of Delivering Results

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

Innovatemap company sign with leaves and blue sky in Broad Ripple.

Reflecting on a decade of excellence, our team of product experts is proud to celebrate ten years of delivering results and fostering growth for tech companies. Launched in 2014, we’ll officially celebrate our 10th anniversary on March 1. Since our start in The Speakeasy, our journey has been a testament to helping leaders we believe in achieve the product visions they believe in. 

After spending more than two decades in the product industry, CEO and Founder Mike Reynolds, started Innovatemap because he saw a gap for tech founders. 

“I started Innovatemap because it’s the agency I would’ve needed if I wanted to start my own software company. I know I would’ve needed product expertise early on in my founder journey, and that’s something that was missing from the ecosystem,” said Mike. 

In the last ten years, we’ve partnered with more than 300 companies, including significant names in technology and venture capital: Doodle, Greenlight Guru, 120Water, MOBI, Securitas Technologies, Microblink and Ivy Ventures

Innovatemap’s Executive Team, Tina Hafer, Lacey Lavies and Mike Reynolds.

What started with user interviews at Twenty Tap has scaled to clients around the world and a satellite office in New York City. More than thirty Innovatemap clients have had successful exits, and our work has helped partners raise more than $1 billion in funding. 

Amy Brown, CEO and Founder at Authenticx, came to us at the start of her founder journey. Equipped with decades of industry experience, Amy was passionate about the problem she was trying to solve in healthcare. But she needed a partner to translate her vision to a solution.

“My favorite part of working with Innovatemap was seeing my own voice and my own ideas brought to life,” said Amy. “I’m not an artist; I’m not a musician. But my business idea became a reality with Innovatemap through years of working together toward each milestone.” 

Together, we went from prototype to full MVP, designed the brand identity and established positioning and messaging for a successful launch. Now, they’ve raised a $20 Million Series B Round and earned a spot in the top 500 on the 2023 Inc. 5000

“You have this hope and desire for a business, and Innovatemap truly made it a possibility,” said Amy. “Starting a business can feel like a complete free fall. To have Mike and the Innovatemap team wrap their arms around me and offer their support was the most incredible gift.”

Turning ideas into reality is why we do what we do. It’s in our DNA to create the best version of the product so that our partners can achieve success. 

“You don’t create a professional service if you don’t have it in your heart to help,” said Mike. “Our mission has always been to help leaders we believe in achieve the product visions they believe in. And it will be for the next decade. We’re committed to staying ahead of product and technology trends to ensure our partners are always at the forefront of innovation.”

It’s a privilege for our experts to help leaders create digital products that transform the way we live, work, play and learn. We carry a responsibility to champion these leaders and their companies to enhance our ecosystem. Together, we’re not just solving product problems, we’re fostering a robust tech scene in the communities we serve.

“To have a partner like Innovatemap riding shotgun with you and helping you through the journey is incredibly valuable,” said Scott Kraege, Managing Partner at Ivy Ventures. “Innovatemap is an anchor in our tech community. These companies need resources around them, and Innovatemap is a strong pillar that supports the tech ecosystem. Innovatemap has also been a tremendous partner to us at Ivy Ventures by working alongside our portfolio companies to help them achieve success.”

As we look toward the future, Innovatemap’s dedication to transforming visionary ideas into game-changing solutions remains unwavering. Fueled by our passion for excellence and a commitment to empowering tech leaders, we’ll continue to deliver results and create meaningful impact for our partners, investors and the communities we serve. 

Cheers to the next decade of crafting exceptional digital products, nurturing groundbreaking ideas and driving the tech community to new heights. Because at Innovatemap, we’re more than a team of product experts; we’re architects of the digital tomorrow.