About Innovatemap — 05.09.2023

Innovatemap Announces Corporate Partnership with Ivy Ventures

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

Mike Reynolds, Scott Kraege, John Wortman

Today, Innovatemap announced a corporate partnership with Ivy Ventures, an operator-based venture capital firm that provides founders with resources to grow and scale early-stage companies.

Innovatemap provides a strategic advantage to this newly launched $20 million operator-based fund, bolstering the traditional VC firm model. Ivy Ventures’ portfolio companies partner with the digital product agency to ensure products being invested in are marketable, valuable and usable.

Mike Reynolds, CEO of Innovatemap, says, “Ivy Ventures gives founders the success factor that goes beyond just writing a check. A successful tech company founder must be product-minded. Innovatemap uses our ample experience in product diligence and extended support that is instrumental to founders who want their investment partner to make a strategic difference in their business.” 

Entrepreneur Scott Kraege, in partnership with Innovatemap and Valeo, built Ivy Ventures to merge founders with experts who have operations and entrepreneurial experience and corporate partners with strategically-aligned skill sets to propel businesses forward. Valeo, a financial advisory firm that offers objective, independent financial guidance, will equip founders with access to vetted investor networks in addition to funding.

“Capital is essential for a successful venture firm, but the people and partners behind the capital are often more impactful to early-stage founders,” said General Partner Scott Kraege. “John, Mike and I wanted to create a fund built and funded by operators. The addition of decades worth of our combined knowledge about what it takes to create, grow and scale a business is the most impactful support a fund can provide.” 

After founding, exiting and advising dozens of founding teams, Kraege added, “I understand how building a successful business requires more than a check. We’ve created a fund that offers a strategically led, operator-based approach to launching companies that doesn’t start and end with an investment.”

In addition to the corporate partners, investors and advisors strategically complement the fund’s operator-based formula. This network includes individuals with expansive industry expertise providing founders with domain experience, mentorship and true partnership. Working alongside the entrepreneurs, investors and advisors behind Ivy Ventures’ first fund, founders can create compelling products and services, and allocate investment dollars wisely.

By selectively partnering with founders, Ivy Ventures leaders extend the impact their operator-led approach can have on each company. Multiple founders have been selected with the expertise of the firm’s network and corporate partners in mind, resulting in perfectly matched fund-to-founder fit.

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