Buyer , Startups , Client Stories — 07.27.2019

How Sales and Marketing Enablement Helped Canvas Scale and Exit

Innovatemap Team

Canvas, an enterprise-grade text-based interviewing platform that streamlines hiring, worked with us to turn an idea into a product in market.

After equipping Canvas with research-backed materials to attract investors, we designed Canvas’s MVP.

But simply having a product in market doesn’t guarantee success. So Canvas needed help gaining traction in market with scalable marketing and sales enablement materials.


After an official product launch, Canvas needed to establish credibility, enable sales and marketing to sell, and clearly articulate value to the right buyers. As a startup, it was critical for Canvas to be recognized as a key player in the market and equip their growing team with the tools and information necessary to confidently market and sell.


We equipped Canvas’s marketing and sales teams with assets that clearly tell their unique story and resonate with buyers. These assets included compelling product screens, a sales deck targeted to the right audience, and case study templates to collect customer testimonials and establish credibility.

We designed a comprehensive product site that enabled online conversions and educated potential buyers about Canvas’s unique value.

Then, our product managers and designers worked with developers to add complex features and additional product capabilities. To successfully active Canvas’s designs, we informed development throughout every step.


Together with Canvas, we brought founder Aman Brar’s vision to life, from fundraising to activation, and then activation to traction. From the beginning, the Canvas team knew their strengths and acknowledged their blind spots, and Innovatemap filled gaps and complemented strengths.

Throughout our engagement, everyone remained grounded and aligned to the product vision: to simplify the lives of recruiters and transform the world of HR. The strong digital product vision combined with some startup hustle led to the creation, success, and acquisition of a valuable platform that makes people’s lives easier.

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