Buyer , User , Startups , Client Stories — 07.26.2019

How Canvas Solved Problems Facing the Recruiting Industry

Innovatemap Team

Canvas, and enterprise-grade text-based interviewing platform, enables recruiters to screen more job candidates and market employment brands.

With a solid product marketing foundation that helped Canvas raise a $2M seed round, founder Aman Brar was ready to turn his investor-backed vision into a functional digital product. Enter Innovatemap.


With a product launch on the horizon, Canvas needed a digital product that solves user problems and pains. We partnered to ideate, design, and bring to market a product that delights, excites and solves real problems for real people.


To define the product functionality, we started with the solution definition where we brainstormed and aligned on Canvas’s desired capabilities.

After defining the solution, our product managers defined Canvas’ MVP. We sifted through hundreds of ideas to prioritize the features that provide the most value for users.

Then, our product designers developed production designs, turning brainstorms into visually appealing and intuitive product features. To bring the designs to life, our designers also worked closely with an outside team of developers.

At the same time, our product marketing and brand teams activated the positioning and visual identity in the product, marketing and sales materials.

To clearly articulate Canvas’s value, we created a product explainer video that’s used in investment meetings, promotional campaigns and more.


Equipped with a product marketing foundation and a functional, intuitive digital product, Canvas can launch and scale with confidence. Users will love Canvas, since we designed it with the user at the forefront and and solved their real problems.

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