Buyer , User , Startups , Client Stories — 07.18.2019

How Research, Positioning and a Pitch Deck Helped Canvas Raise a $2M Seed Round

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

Think about everything you are able to do with the simple touch of a smartphone screen: call a ride, pay your friend for dinner, even start a relationship. If we are able to do so many things from one swipe, why is finding a job still such a headache?

These were the questions Aman Brar, founder of Canvas, asked when he came to Innovatemap with a product vision. Canvas is the first enterprise-grade text-based interviewing platform that enables recruiters to screen more job candidates and market employment brands.


With a solid product vision, Aman needed a compelling way to articulate the product’s value to investors. Aman came to Innovatemap for help communicating his vision, establishing credibility, and attracting investors.


To turn product vision into product, Canvas required a bit of all of our offerings: product marketing, product brand, product design and product management.

First, our product managers performed market and competitive research to identify trends, opportunities, and potential competitors in Canvas’s market. This research built a strong foundation and provided context for future decision-making.

After aligning research with Canvas’s goals, our product designers built concept screens for visual support to help other people better understand Aman’s vision.

Then, our product marketers and brand strategists established a brand identity and clear positioning to establish credibility and a solid visual identity. Using the brand identity and positioning, we designed a landing page to generate awareness of Canvas.

Finally, we compiled all work into a succinct, compelling pitch deck that painted the vision and value of Canvas to investors.


Armed with a strong foundation and a winning pitch deck, the Canvas team raised a $2 million seed round, which they used to further invest in building the right product.

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