The Canvas Story: From Funding to Activation (Part 2 of 3)

This is part two of a three-part series outlining the partnership between Innovatemap and Canvas. Read part one: From Idea to Seed Funding.

When Canvas was just an idea to transform the recruiting process with a text-based interviewing platform, founder Aman Brar partnered with Innovatemap to equip the Canvas team with the foundation necessary to fundraise: Research, product concept screens, positioning, brand identity, and a pitch deck. After successfully securing funding for his idea, Canvas partnered with Innovatemap to activate that foundation.


With product launch on the horizon, it is no longer about a lofty vision or dream, it is time to activate those ideas and create a digital product that solves users’ problems and addresses the pains that started this whole process. In order to do this, we partnered to ideate, design, and bring to market a product that was both delightful to use and solved real problems for users.


Our product management team got to work with the Canvas team on defining the product functionality, beginning first with solution definition, where they brainstormed and aligned on all desired capabilities of the digital product.

After solution definition laid everything out on the table, we worked together to define Canvas’ MVP, weeding through thousands of ideas to prioritize the handful of features that provide the most value and solve the most significant problems facing the target market: recruiters.

Once the MVP was defined, our product design team got to work on production design, turning brainstorms and ideas into visually appealing and intuitive product features and functionality. The product designers also worked closely with the team of developers to bring those designs to life.

At the same time, the product marketing and product brand teams were busy working with the Canvas team to activate the positioning and visual identity. This involved activating the brand throughout the entire product and on all marketing materials.

One of the most significant marketing materials we created together involved conceptualizing and developing a product video detailing the problem Canvas solves and the value they provide. Canvas put this product video to good use in everything from investment meetings to promotional campaigns. The product marketing team also worked closely with Canvas’ growing sales team to enable them with strong sales tools and a clear, consistent message.


Taking the foundational efforts established in the fundraising step and bringing them to activation helped to set Canvas up for a smooth, successful product launch. The Canvas platform was featured on numerous national news outlets and their digital product, designed with the user at the forefront, delighted users and solved real problems facing the recruiting process.


  • A founder may have dreamt up two thousand different features and capabilities for their digital product, but a good product manager is there to help you prioritize the features that will help users solve their most critical problems.
  • As your team scales, it becomes all the more critical to have a unified, consistent message to enable marketing and sales efforts and ensure that everyone, regardless of whether they’ve worked with you for a day or a year, are explaining your product the same way.

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