The Canvas Story: From Activation to Traction (Part 3 of 3)

This is part three of a three-part series outlining the partnership between Innovatemap and Canvas. Read part one, From Idea to Seed Funding, or part two, From Funding to Activation.

Canvas has made the long journey from idea to product launch with a digital product that has been ideated and designed to address the pains caused by an outdated, time-consuming recruiting process. Now that Canvas has come to life as the first text-based interviewing platform, it was time to build traction in the market and grow the business with confidence.


After the original buzz from product launch wears off, how do you establish the credibility necessary to enable sales and marketing to promote your digital product and make buyers understand the problems you are solving for them? As a startup, it was critical for Canvas to be seen as a player in the market, and equip their growing team with the tools and information necessary to market and sell Canvas with clarity and confidence.


The Innovatemap team worked closely with Canvas’ marketing and sales teams to equip them with assets that would help them clearly tell their unique story and establish credibility with potential buyers. These assets included compelling product screens showing the easy-to-use Canvas digital product, a sales deck to help tell the Canvas story in sales pitches to recruiters, and case study templates that the team could use to collect customer testimonials as a way to establish credibility.

The Innovatemap team also helped to design and create a comprehensive product site that enabled online conversions and educated potential buyers of the unique value of the Canvas platform.

Our product managers and designers continued working with the Canvas team and developers to design more complex features and additional product capabilities, and were well versed in the product so development was well informed through every step of adding onto the product.


Through the 13-month engagement with Canvas, we partnered to bring Aman Brar’s initial vision to life, from fundraising to activation, and then activation to traction. From the beginning, the Canvas team knew their strengths and also acknowledged their blind spots, and partnered with Innovatemap to fill those gaps and complement those strengths.

Throughout the entire process, everyone remained grounded in the product vision: To simplify the lives of recruiters and transform the world of HR. The strong digital product vision combined with some good-old-fashioned startup hustle led to the creation of a valuable platform that makes people’s lives easier.


  • As your startup gains traction your team will continue to grow, and it is important to ground each new team member in the same foundational positioning and messaging to ensure consistency and avoid customer confusion.
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is a critical component of the startup process, to make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people that can cover your blindspots.

Editor’s Note: Since this article was written, Canvas was acquired by California-based recruiting platform Jobvite.

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