Erica Irish

Community Manager

Erica Irish is a reporter-turned-marketer telling the stories that bring people together. A recent graduate of Franklin College, Erica spent her college years studying journalism and political science. She found her love for writing early and put that passion to work to serve Indianapolis, her home city, by reporting for, the Indianapolis Business Journal, WFYI, and Chalkbeat Indiana. Among her proudest achievements was serving as an assistant producer for an Emmy award-winning documentary about Indianapolis author Kurt Vonnegut and his most famous work, Slaughterhouse-Five. 

Erica believes in the power of lifelong learning in empowering people to create meaningful change in the world. She continues her career with Innovatemap to uncover, and solve, complex challenges through careful research, informed strategies and imaginative storytelling.

Today Erica pilots engaging content and impactful events for Innovatemap and the Better Product Community. Still the wordsmith, you can often find her balancing a pen in one hand and shifting between 50 research tabs with the other. She spends her free time in the woods, cooking the globe, and reading.