Andy Kennedy

Principal, Brand Strategy & Design

Andy Kennedy is a designer, problem-solver, storyteller, and leader. In big ways and small, audience opinions about company brands shape their willingness to try, buy, renew, and recommend. Andy helps businesses impact these perspectives with design.

Andy believes designers are communicators. He leads the Innovatemap brand team with the understanding there’s magic in everything so together, they can help clients uncover their truth and articulate it in a compelling brand. With startups like Boost, Canvas, and Parspec, Andy helps companies find their voice to enter markets with momentum. He partners with high-growth businesses like Doodle and Microblink to share who they’ve become and where they’re going to resonate with new markets. And with large organizations like JLL, Stanley, and Purdue University, we use brand to thoughtfully introduce new tech that aligns with the client’s values.

Andy spends the rest of his time writing, bouldering, bicycling, and exploring Indy with his family.

Selected Work