Go-to-Market , Product Marketing — 10.29.2020

Why Product Videos Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Sara Croft, Principal, Marketing

Videos have long been a part of marketing strategies for businesses in most industries. Even though video marketing is not a new concept, it is becoming more prevalent. According to Hubspot, 85 percent of businesses have used video as a marketing tool in 2020.

For the marketing teams behind software products, video is a way to attract new leads by pulling back the curtain. With a solid product marketing foundation, video can explain technical features into benefits your customers will pay for.

Why today’s marketers value video

Video is fast

Your marketing team may be stacked with the most eloquent writers, but if no one reads the highly-informative yet incredibly-long e-book or white paper they just produced, the effort is without reward. An impactful product video can be as short as 30 seconds. And while reports that humans have the attention span of a goldfish have since been debunked, we still live in a world where there is plenty competing for our attention and time. Being succinct can be beneficial.

Many articles take anywhere from a few to several minutes to read. Many impactful videos are only a few seconds (some TV ads are sold in only 15-second increments). Video allows you to quickly set the stage for the viewer, showing the who, what, how, when and why behind the message faster than other mediums.

Video offers a better brand experience

If a prospect is interacting through other marketing mediums, they’re likely not getting as whole of a picture of a brand as they are if they’re watching a video. While certainly bits of a brand and its values are peppered within blog posts, white papers, social media, and more, those mediums can sometimes only offer a bird’s eye view of a company’s overall brand.

When watching a video, the visual brand elements will likely be evident, as well as relevant information about the product or service, but there may be a bit more of the company’s personality, as well. This is incredibly important for companies that have built a reputation not just for their product, but their brand, too.

Product videos save time for sales and customer success teams

Having a responsive customer service team is important for the success of any product, but too many customer inquiries can take a significant amount of time to address. Product videos are a great way to add value to customers while freeing up customer service team members’ time. You may want to have product videos that directly answer commonly-asked questions from customers in addition to more high-end product videos that explain the product as a whole. Allowing video to be the medium for sharing information about granular intricacies in your product lets users pick and choose which videos are meaningful to them, and skip the others, saving them time, too.

Product videos are engaging

When striving to produce marketing that makes an impact, video is the way to go. It not only teaches someone what something is or how to use it, but it can also convey how someone may feel about a product. Traditional video production methods are effective at eliciting emotion from its viewers, whereas animated videos are effective at attracting and retaining viewers. If impacting someone in an emotional way – whether that’s through humor, tugging at the heartstrings or shocking someone into action – is important to your company, video marketing will be vital.

Let’s face it: tech products can be complicated. Product videos ensure your users are utilizing your product to the fullest. Well-crafted product videos also make users feel like they are receiving one-on-one support, something that helps build brand affinity and loyalty over time.

While deciding to create a product video or several may seem like a no-brainer, actually doing it may seem daunting. At Innovatemap, we identify the kinds of videos your customers need and bring them to life with our product marketing and video and animation services. Our team of motion designers creates product videos that will inform and engage an audience quickly, yet thoroughly when needed. Contact us today to see how video can become a meaningful part of your product marketing strategy.