About Innovatemap — 05.25.2022

The Innovatemap 500 Experience

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

Innovatemap 500

We get to know our clients quickly. We dig into their business strategy and goals and create solutions to achieve them while balancing speed and a relentless focus on excellence. In those environments, it’s easy to get to know the people who make up our client teams. 

But there’s something about joining together for a shared experience that deepens relationships. 

If you know us you know how much we like to have fun through extending hospitality to others. Whether it was our annual Summer Social or our more casual client happy hours, we always carved out time to focus on building relationships outside of the day-to-day work. 

Our active clients and partners haven’t had the opportunity to experience this with us in nearly two years, if at all. 

While many of them call Indiana home, some do not, and we wanted to show off Indiana in May through Innovatemap hospitality. So we gathered everyone together at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to experience the thrill of race cars zooming by at speeds of more than 220 MPH. 

Innovatemap 500 Theme
Bringing some of our design chops to our suite

As someone who oversees client engagements and their success, Sara Napierkowski has firsthand experience understanding what makes a strong, valuable partnership between Innovatemap and our clients.

“Potential clients always ask me what makes a successful partnership from our perspective. And I respond with: trust, communication, and honesty. That partnership is built in meetings, and outside of meetings. The business talk, and the casual conversations. Whether we host a client for happy hour, take them to lunch, or simply meet face-to-face, building that connection has always been extremely important to us. The Innovatemap 500 Experience was our way of connecting with clients over a shared experience that’s unique to Indianapolis, a city we’re proud to call our headquarters,” she says.

Innovatemap at the track
Innovatemap team with clients touring the garages at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Everyone’s enjoying suite life at the track
Kissing the bricks!
It was a beautiful day in the IMS neighborhood.

We enjoy every opportunity we get to dream, design and deliver quality experiences for our clients. And in our eyes, this was one of those moments. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this inaugural experience. We can’t wait to start the engines again next year!