About Innovatemap — 06.09.2021

Introducing our Latest Podcast, the Business of Product

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

Innovatemap, a digital product agency located in Indianapolis, is launching a new podcast to support its growing network of product professionals and to elevate insightful conversations around product development and management.

The Business of Product podcast released June 8 and explores the how and why behind the businesses of digital products. This is a show for the high-growth leader looking for advice, without the product jargon, about how to take their company to the next level.  

“While understanding the products themselves is important, exploring the businesses that fuel them—and that are fueled by them—also matters,” says Growth Manager Austin Westerfeld as host of the Business of Product Podcast. “I’m honored to explore this with the founders and entrepreneurs by talking through key strategic decisions they made, and the journey that helped them create the business that exists today. After all, products are created by companies. And companies are led by people. It’s been an exciting adventure to understand how these leaders impact the products we interact with in the world.”

The first two episodes of the podcast’s first season are available now, wherever you get your podcasts. They include conversations about product-led growth and career lessons with:

  • Jason Becker, CEO of RICS Software and DyKnow. Becker describes lessons learned from the early “no” that kickstarted his professional journey and understanding your product’s place in the market.
  • Headliner COO and Co-Founder Oliver Wellington, who talks connecting with customers and embracing the opportunity of an imperfect product.

Business of Product is the latest podcast part of the Better Product Network and will co-exist with the ongoing Better Product podcast. Launched in 2019, the Better Product podcast was created to connect product professionals and give real-world insights about the good, the bad, and the ugly behind digital products that have launched businesses and changed the world. Innovatemap’s Christian Beck, executive partner of growth strategy, currently co-hosts the podcast with Meghan Pfeifer, a senior product marketer and brand strategist working at the company’s new NYC office. In January 2020 Innovatemap launched the Better Product community as a connection point for product leaders and practitioners across a variety of disciplines to learn what it takes to design, build, market, and sell better products. Learn more at

Innovatemap, founded in 2014, has helped over 100 clients bring new digital product ideas to life or bring existing digital products to the next level through work in their core competencies: Product design (UX), product management, product marketing and product brand.