About Innovatemap — 12.20.2023

InnovateWRAPPED: Our Favorite Products, Podcasts, People and Puzzles of 2023

Chelsea Douglass, Director of Marketing

As we wrap up 2023 (see what we did there), let’s give credit to the products, podcasts and people who inspired us at work, home and everywhere in between. These are the newsletters we look forward to seeing in our inbox and the LinkedIn influencers who don’t make us cringe. From insights keeping us informed on product trends to friendly competition around the Village Table, here’s a list of a few favorites from our team.

Lenny Rachitsky

Jake Trowbridge, Principal Product Manager

Lenny Rachitsky is a goldmine for product management, UX design, product marketing and general business resources. You can always count on his podcast or newsletter to help you deepen your understanding of the product world.

Fons Mans

Tressa Janes, Brand Designer

For anyone who appreciates the power of design, add Fons Mans to your list. His content blends creativity and industry insights, creating the perfect combination for designers seeking inspiration and innovation. Listen to Fons on this episode of Deep Dive, a podcast featuring the most prolific designers.

9-5ish with theSkimm

Chelsea Douglass, Senior Marketing Manager

This podcast is a celebration of women in the workplace, blending personal and professional advice with a focus on female empowerment and community building. In addition to their podcast featuring outstanding leaders, theSkimm newsletter is a delightful way to start each day.

Sam Jacobs

Tina Hafer, Executive Partner, Product Marketing & Business Ops

Don’t scroll past Sam Jacobs on your LinkedIn feed. Sam brings to the table pithy and actionable leadership content. His podcast is an excellent resource for B2B SaaS leaders to stay current with trends and learn new strategies to make an impact.


Mike Reynolds, CEO

A staple during Mike’s commute, the All In podcast is a rich source of information on market and tech trends, financial climate, venture funding, SaaS and AI. Industry veterans peel back the layers of complex topics, mixing in a healthy bit of entertaining banter.


Lee Eisenbarth, VP, Product & Brand Design

Inside is highly regarded by tech and product professionals for its user-friendly delivery of essential tech news and trends. Users can customize content to focus on their interests.


Katie Lukes, VP, Product Strategy & Research

Hosted by two of our favorites, Kara Swisher and Professor Scott Galloway, the Pivot Podcast offers a unique perspective into the tech world, offering informed opinions and a few hot takes on the latest news and trends. It’s a great resource for anyone desiring a deeper understanding of current tech and business insights.

We Can Do Hard Things

Lacey Lavies, Executive Partner, Product Strategy & Client Experience

This podcast offers invaluable life perspectives and advice, grounding listeners in their humanity with lessons applicable to both life and work. It’s a source of not just inspiration but also practical strategies for overcoming tough situations. The honest conversations inspire us to face our challenges with a bit more courage and a lot more heart.

April Dunford

Maria Otteson, Senior Product Marketer

April Dunford is a go-to for our product marketing team. She takes complex ideas and boils them down to easy-to-understand metaphors, like comparing your sales process to shopping for a toilet. Her unique approach helps everyone understand the impact of good product marketing on your entire organization.


Leanna Adeola, VP, Product Marketing & Brand Strategy

Sharebird is an online community and an essential resource for product marketers. This community of experts includes leaders from a variety of company sizes and stages. In addition to decades of product marketing wisdom, you can find tactical tips to make your work lighter today.

Daily Crossword and Connections Game

Kate Harrison, Senior Product Manager

The Daily Crossword and Connections Game is more than just a brain break. It’s a fun way to foster friendly competition and camaraderie among our team. It’s a guaranteed topic of conversation around the Village Table, and we lean on each other’s unique interests and expertise to decode each clue. Some teammates know music; others know sports. Either way, it takes all of us to complete the crossword.

As we start to curate our 2024 playlists, clean out our inboxes and focus our LinkedIn feeds, we’ll keep these tools in the queue. After all, they’re not just tools for professional growth but also catalysts for personal development and community building.

What will be your go-to resource in the coming year?