Buyer , User , Startups , Scaleups — 09.16.2022

Our Experts Explain What Makes a Product Marketable, Valuable and Usable

Innovatemap Team

If you’ve interacted with an Innovatemap team member, you’ve likely heard the phrase “marketable, valuable and usable” at least once or twice. It’s more than a motto – it’s a philosophy that guides everything we do for our clients. It represents our four disciplines and how they work in harmony to produce winning digital products. 

Over the past seven years of being an agency, we’ve had more than 175 clients come to us with a digital product need. Our discipline leads have amassed a lot of experience across various industries and company stages (from early-stage startups to corporate enterprises). With each new client or project, that experience continues to build, allowing us to serve our clients better and faster and in turn, we receive immense trust that we can help them grow and scale. 

In this audiogram series, we asked our discipline leads to reflect on what “marketable, valuable and usable” means to them and how they translate it with our clients. 

Marketable by Leanna Adeola — Principal, Product Marketing and Brand 

What makes a product marketable?
What are things to keep in mind when marketing a new product?
How do you effectively pivot the positioning for an existing product?

Valuable by Lacey Lavies — Executive Partner, Product Management and Client Success

What makes a product valuable?
What are steps in creating value in a new product?
How do you increase the value of an existing product?

Usable by Jon Moore Principal, Product Design 

What makes a product usable?
How do you determine your existing product’s optimized usability?
What are things to keep in mind when creating a usable product?

If these audiograms sparked any questions on your new idea or existing product, let us know.