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Microblink’s New Position, Brand and Website Tell a Compelling Story

In the last few decades, artificial intelligence has flourished, making decisions and solving problems fluidly without skipping a beat. But it’s not a tool that people understand. In a space as complicated and misunderstood as AI, it can be difficult to communicate value to users, buyers and investors.

To resonate with buyers, you must:

  1. Tell the right story.
  2. Tell the story right

Darren Bassman, CEO and co-founder of Microblink, needed help telling the right story in the right way. Microblink is a New York-based B2B AI scaleup that helps organizations put their customers first and enhance their product experience. With AI at its core, Microblink makes life simpler for millions of users around the world. Most importantly, Microblink was built by humans for humans — for good. They believe in safety, security and honesty.

After acquiring another company and receiving more funding, Microblink was ready to put their newly acquired talent to work. With strong marketing and design teams, Microblink needed help activating their talent and telling the world their story in the right way. They needed a clear and compelling story. So they came to Innovatemap.


Microblink had a proven product and offerings but lacked a cohesive and compelling story about who they are. Their brand was misaligned across their website, sales tools and marketing materials. With a wide breadth of products, they needed more solution-oriented messaging to better convey value to potential buyers. With new product launches on the horizon, Microblink’s product hierarchy needed reconciliation, and Microblink’s positioning and brand identity needed a refresh.

The Innovatemap team that partnered with Microblink included:


Positioning and Product Hierarchy

To tell Microblink’s story, we needed to answer two questions: who is Microblink? What value do they offer? Then, we needed to make sure the user could answer the questions easily and understand the company’s mission, just from looking at the site.

So our product marketing team positioned Microblink as a company (who they are) and their solutions (what they do). Microblink is the artificial intelligence platform for companies that believe a positive customer experience is the foundational driver of value. This position identifies who the product is for and why it’s different. It conveys Microblink’s value. 

We built a framework for how Microblink talks. Now, when they launch products in the future, they will look, speak and feel cohesive. This new position manifests in the tools and materials they use to tell prospects, customers and the world who they are and the value they deliver.


Once they were positioned, we refreshed their brand. We evolved their look — from their logo (which incorporates motion) and color palette to the visuals and visual language. Microblink had an existing in-house quality design team, so we created robust design guides. Now, when they want to translate the new brand to other touch points, it will look seamless. In other words, we taught them to fish and gave them a pole, rather than catching a few fish for them. 

“Concept is less challenging than production and activation,” Andy explained, “For the brand to achieve its full potential, we need our client partner to believe in it, embrace it and know how to use it.” 

We spend all day thinking about things like brand activation. This is what we do. But the client knows their business because they spend all day thinking about it. We get to advise them with our expertise, but ultimately they are the owners and have to steward the execution. 

And that’s what Microblink did.


Armed with an innovative brand, an updated product hierarchy, and a better market position, Microblink was ready to activate. We worked alongside Microblink’s developer to build a user-friendly site that helped Microblink convey value to its buyers. Product launch enablement (creating pages for new products) and site redesign (improving existing pages) were key to up leveling the user experience

The site is an incredibly important part of the buyer experience. Often, it’s a prospects first impression, and a site that is good looking, well-built and enjoyable to use will make that impression much more favorable.

A website is a powerful storytelling tool. A well-built site paired with a tailored brand and the right words elevates a product by more than the sum of its parts. After engaging with the site, the buyer needs to understand how Microblink works. But more importantly, they must know how Microblink works for them and for good. They have to get the whole story.

After the initial site launch, we continued adjusting and improving the site as needed for several months to ensure success.


We work with people we like, trust and believe in. Microblink was no exception.

Andy said, “I take a lot of pride in my brand work being the truth, just told really well. With brand, we can, through the power of design and color psychology and messaging, communicate almost any idea. It’s really important to me that we’re communicating the truth. And I believe Microblink is truly AI for good.” 

Leanna emphasized her appreciation for the Microblink team. She said, “It was a true partnership where we had to have tough conversations about their audience and their company direction. Their stakeholders were key decision makers for a multi-million-dollar business, and they still gave us their full attention and brain power to do great work.”

“They treated us as the expert, the creative directors,” Lauren explained. “They came to us with great questions, which led to important conversations and impactful design. You can really see how that level of partnership built the end product.

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